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YIACO Medical Company

YIACO Medical Company was established in the year 1953 as a sole marketing agent for many multinational research-based pharmaceutical manufacturers. YIACO quickly grew with the boom in Kuwait’s own national growth and development, diversifying and expanding into other healthcare services such as Medical Equipment, Hospital supplies and Dental equipment & materials.

Through its many years of operation and experience in the medical field, YIACO’s reputation of excellence precedes its name.

Salmiya, Block No. 5, Amr Bin Al-Aas Street, Sama Tower
P.O. Box 435 Safat, 13005, Kuwait
+965 222 30 600
+965 222 30 595

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Boushahri Group

In order to help healthcare providers best meet the needs of their patients, Boushahri Group’s Medical Supplies Division, one of Kuwait’s premier medical suppliers, offers an all-inclusive combination of reliable and innovative equipment from leading companies around the world. Enriched with a multitude of features, medical doctors and physicians will greatly benefit from range of novel medical innovations and in turn, will effectively and efficiently enhance their patients’ well-being and quality of life. Boushahri Group’s Medical Supplies Division include the following medical equipment:

Companies represented include: Alcon (US), Peschke GmbH (Germany), regenlab (Switzerland) , Valon Lasers (Finland) and 

KAI Group (Japan) and Light Age light therapy

Also check our their latest Pharmaceutical products:


Advanced Technology Company. logo

Advanced Technology Company (ATC)

ATC started operations in 1981 as a medical equipment supplier to the Kuwait healthcare sector. Today, ATC has established itself as the leading end-to-end total healthcare solutions provider capable of delivering over 95% of a hospital’s requirement.

The Company has over 45% market share of the Kuwait medical equipment sector ranging from sophisticated equipment to hospital sundries.

ATC is currently serving over 1,000 customers in the State of Kuwait including government and private hospitals, dental practitioners, laboratories and physicians. In addition to robust operations, The Company has a strong asset base of over KD 150.9 million and generated revenues of KD 96.7 million in 2015.

ATC employs over 1,590 people and is headquartered at Salmiya, Kuwait. The Company has been listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange since 2007.

ATC Tower, Salmiya, Salem Al Mubarak St.
Block 4, Street 1 opposite Layla Tower
P.O.Box: 44558 Hawali 32060, Kuwait
+965 222 47444
+965 257 11761/2

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Alghanim Healthcare

Alghanim Healthcare (AHC) was established in 1961, as an exclusive agent for leading multinational research-based companies in the field of medical and pharmaceutical supplies. In 1971, AHC joined Alghanim International Corporation (AIC) which was founded by Mr. Diraar Y. Alghanim as a private holding and management company with the objective of optimising existing activities and developing new business ventures in the healthcare sector.

Companies represented include AstraZenica (British-Swedish), Johnson & Johnson (U.S), Bayer (German) and Novartis (Swiss).

Update/Feb.2019 Alghanim Healthcare receives the Operational Excellence Award 2018 from Johnson & Johnson.

Alghanim Healthcare
38th Floor, Al Hamra Business Tower
Jaber Al Mubarak Street, Sharq
P.O Box 856, 13009 Safat, Kuwait
+965 2205 9000
+965 2205 9009

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Dunia Medical & Technology Equipment

Dunia Medical Equipment & Technology (DMETCO) commenced business in 2005 and is a part of the DUNIA INTERNATIONAL GROUP, which has operated as a General Trading & Contracting Company in Kuwait since 1965.

The company’s Vision is to be recognised as the Leading Company in Kuwait in recommending and Providing /Supplying Modern Technology & Equipment, customer application and research related Solutions and other Services in the fields of Medical/Hospital/Dental , Laboratory & Scientific Research/Basic to Higher Scientific & Technical Education, including Pharmaceutical, Health Care/Nursing Studies Beauty/Cosmetics Products and to expand our business activities to other Gulf countries in the region.

(965) 22429216
(965) 22429528

Tri Alpha. logo

TriAlpha Company

Founded in 2003 by Mr. Ahmed Al-Awadi, a young Kuwaiti entrepreneur, Tri Alpha witnessed tremendous growth in the field of medical equipment, laboratories supply, environmental, oil and gas industries services within a short period.

Despite its young age, the company has been able to establish for itself a prominent position in the Kuwaiti market and tie business with the leading partners in the industry. The company prides itself for providing the most reliable service, locally saving time and money for its clients.

Medical specialisms include Medical Units, Surgical and OR Solutions, Clinical & Lab. Solutions, Pharmaceutical and Spa & Beauty products.

Companies represented include Omnicell (US), Olympus (Japan), Thermo Scientific (US) and GORE (US).


Gulf Advanced Trading. logo

Gulf Advanced Trading

The Company was established in May 1991 immediately following the liberation of Kuwait, initially working in the field of medical equipment.  Today it has grown to include laboratory, scientific, hotel (inc. kitchen and laundry,) environmental and engineering equipment.

A full fledged projects division deals with turn key projects in medical, scientific, environmental and hotel equipment. Medical equipment specialisms include: Digital X-Ray Imaging, Critical Care Patient Monitoring, Critical Care Infusion Pumps, Defibrillators, Dermatology Equipment, Blood Gas Monitors, Neonatal Audio Screeners, Pulse Oximeters, Medical Gas Systems, Humidification and Infant Care, Laboratory Furniture.

Gulf Advanced Trading Co.
P.O Box : 25793,
Safat - 13118, Kuwait.

Ashraf and Company Ltd. logo

Ashraf & Company Ltd

Ashraf & Company Ltd was founded as a small general store in the Old Souk area of Kuwait in 1951 by Khalid Al Abdul Razzak and Mohammedi Ashraf.  The Company had since grown into a prominent establishment with considerable stature in the Kuwaiti market.

Ashraf office building


The company is specialised in the supply and service of equipment and solutions in three main fields, namely Medical Systems, Photography and Imaging, and Information Technology.

AMS (Ashraf Medical Systems) represents many principal Agencies/Suppliers worldwide, including:

  • Eastman Kodak/Kodak Near East, USA/Dubai
  • Kodak Dental software
  • Cattani  Air systems
  • Villa  Systemi Medicali S.pa- Italy – Digital X-rays Systems
  • Mentor-Porges France. Gynaecology & Urology
  • PMS Steripack- Turkey Cardiology and Radiology Products
P.O. Box 3555,

SAFWAN Trading & Contracting Company. logo

SAFWAN Trading & Contracting Company

SAFWAN Trading & Contracting Company has come a long way since its inception in 1963 and finds itself proudly privileged on being able to have introduced many of the ‘firsts’ of the pharmaceutical quality products within the country and other parts of the region – and has lately ventured, branched out and established cross-border businesses in Iraq, with ambitious plans to expand further.While continuing to partner with its customers, the Company has consistently maintained a reputable character, establishing itself prudently and proactively as a formidable business corporation.

Today SAFWAN Company occupies the leading position in the acquisition and distribution of a diversified brand portfolio of the finest and latest in the pharmaceutical products and differentiated medical equipment technology, delivered proficiently and with entrepreneurial spirit. By associating ourselves with the most renowned principals and manufacturers in this industry, the company continues to develop and expand – always looking for new challenges that will enhance staff productivity, improve efficiencies and accuracy, reduce costs and raise profitability to all stakeholders.


Warba Medical supplies. logo

Warba Medical Supplies

Warba medical supplies company was established in 1978 mainly to supply pharmaceutical products to Kuwaiti market. Since then the company has been growing impressively to many areas. Today, Warba is a major contributor in the development of medical field in Kuwait and has expanded its work into Health & Beauty, Medical & Scientific equipments and Animal health & agricultural products.

Warba’s operations cover the whole of State of Kuwait and deal with both the public and private sectors.

General Manager and major share holder is Pharmacist Hamad Alhajiri, a Kuwaiti national with pharmacy degree from USA.

Al-Tijaria Tower
19th floor
Jaber Al Mubarak Street
Kuwait City
+965 22 968 611