Many years have elapsed since Dr. Gaetano Galeppi sr. founded the pharmacy of the same name in Rome in 1939, but his heirs have not forgotten this ancient inheritance, working with passion and dedication to the creation of unique formulations. Founded in 1971 a division entirely dedicated to research and creation of high-level cosmetics, marketed under the brand DrLauranne (which takes its name from its creator, Anna Laura, Italian avant-garde in modern cosmetics) was created. A further development of the group’s activity was realised in 1994, with the foundation of its Export Office, the commercial branch mainly dedicated to the export of the family brand in various countries around the world.

…. And now its latest offering (which is within in its b.easy range) Moss Therapy treatment formulated from recycled natural products including Icelandic Lichen as well as innovative, customised face creams, again produced from natural products, Moringa Oil, extracts of Euglena Gracilis and a specific Ursine Grape formulation to name just a few.