Continuing with the “New Normal” for Schools, Airports, Hospitals, Shopping Malls etc; ‘The Way We Live Now’:

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Chemi Pharm

Chemi Pharm products

AS Chemi-Pharm has developed a special disinfection agents series for medical institutions. Main attention of this series was paid to health preservation and recovery of medical personnel and patients. Series includes hand disinfection, skin disinfection, skin care, disinfection and sterilisation for instruments, and disinfection for surfaces.

Chemi-Pharm’s disinfection agents do not contain isopropyl alcohol, to avoid causing respiratory allergies. Its products are tested in Accredited Laboratories reducing level of allergies to minimum.

Chemi-Pharm has also developed a special hand cream series, avoiding skin damages and to preserve normal micro flora of hands.

In summary, Chemi-Pharm provides the best high quality products which are user-friendly and environmentally safe.

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Disinfection Cabinet XXLarge designed to disinfect more than one product in it using UVC lamps.

Regi-Tech, which has been in R&D activities since 2016, supports the world with its suppliers in the process of returning to the “New Normal”. Regi-Tech offers products to all our customers with the underlying R&D power and the ability to make innovative products. With the virus named Covid-19 entering our lives, the doors of a new era were opened. In order to keep up with this age, Regi-Tech serves humanity with new and innovative products.

Regi Tech Cabinet XXL DentroRegi Tech - Cabinet XXL

For example, disinfection of grocery carts for grocery stores can be used for disinfection of wheelchairs or stretchers for hospitals and provides an advantage in that it provides disinfection of large amounts of material at the same time. In addition, for additional stores that can be added to clothing stores; Disinfection of clothes to be hung on the hanger in the middle, or disinfection of trays with the apparatus to be used for dining halls, as well as multi-product disinfection can be used safely in all areas where cabin design can be made in user-specific dimensions.

Possible Usage Areas: – Hospitals, Grocers, Airports, Warehouses, Shipping Warehouses, Banks, – Factories, Construction, Shopping Malls, Clothing Stores.

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The Safety Air – Ozone 30

Safety Air Ozone 30


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A device that controls who enters a building/facility, sanitises each customer/person both hands and feet/shoes and makes your businesses safe, whatever it is.

Think about the safety of your customers and business.

Applications for all sectors:

  • Sports Facilities
  • Public Activities
  • Shopping Centres
  • Hospitals and Clinics
  • Schools and Universities
  • Museums and Libraries and Religious Institutions
    (such as the Basilicata of St. Francis of Assisi, where a Spray For Life device has been installed).

Download the Spray for Life brochure.

SprayforLife environment control system
SprayforLife brochure cover

AmeeraHealth is the representative for Spray For Life in the U.K and certain others parts of Europe together with certain Middle Eastern markets. Enquiries to be directed to: All enquiries responded to within 48 hours.