How Eleni’s CBD Products Helped with My Arthritis by Kostas Panagiotou (Diary during a Lockdown Month 2020)

Day 1 – 30/04/2020

Parcel has finally arrived. I am so excited! The postman wanted to hand me over the parcel “contact free” and dropped it… The Body Butter pot is a bit battered but fortunately it was taped so nothing is lost. I ordered Eleni’s CBD Tincture, Massage Oil and Body Butter… I am going to try all three products to try to improve the very bad condition of my hands that are affected by arthritis and damaged by chemotherapy. As a journalist, writer, translator and artist (weaving, sculpture…) it is extremely important to be able to use my hands adequately and without constant pain.

Pictured Above: Left hand, Right hand Before the Treatment

Just took the first 2 drops at 12:03…  Took another 2 drops before going to bed.

Day 2 – 1/05/2020

Got up and could hardly move, especially my right foot was aching terribly. Checked my fingers and – oh what a miracle – I could already bend the middle finger of my left hand a bit more. I also feel much calmer and much more at ease.

Day 3 – 2/05/2020

Busy day. Sewing mouth masks for friends and people in the village (I’m soooo Corona…. ): I need my hands more than ever… Still very stiff when waking up but less pain. I take my drops every day more or less at the same time and on an empty stomach. I keep the drops under my tongue as long as possible and the taste is not bad at all, rather floral but no long aftertaste. Tried the Body Butter yesterday evening also, smells very nice and has an immediate soothing effect.

Day 4 – 3/05/2020

My GP once told me I should always take my vitamin D drops (Ergy D) in combination with some fatty food for better assimilation. That’s what I do also after taking my first CBD drops in the morning: I lunch about an hour after taking them and make sure I eat something fatty: a bit of butter on my bread or a piece of cheese. The pain in the joints of my hands is definitely better, I am over the moon and very hopeful the effect will continue!

Day 5 – 4/05/2020

Waking up and very stiff, right foot still aching so much I can hardly walk… It is getting better after a few hours. Still taking my drops on the scheduled time: first 2 drops at 11h in the morning, the second drops just before going to bed.

Day 6 – 5/05/2020

I can now bend the middle finger of my left hand without it staying in the same position and the pain is much less… I feel my hands are improving every day!

Day 7 – 6/05/2020

I am also using the CBD Body Butter on my knees and other painful joints. It gives a wonderful soothing effect and it is extremely hydrating. Another effect that I noticed from day 2 is that I sleep much better and I seem to be able to cope better with the whole corona situation and every it involves in my life (no work, no income, can’t go out…).

Day 8 – 7/05/2020

My hands are still improving, I can bend my fingers even more and I have less pain, what a relief! I now wake up without pain in my right foot, it is incredible… The only negative effect so far is that I am hungry all day and eat too much… but maybe that is just the corona situation?

Day 9 – 8/05/2020

Worked many hours in my garden and I am very stiff… used the Body Butter to soothe the pain and stiffness and had a long, nice night of sleep.

Day 10 – 9/05/2020

It looks as if the bony « lump » on the joint of my right forefinger is less red, less painful and getting smaller…

Day 11 – 10/05/2020

I really hope the positive effects will continue so I will not only be able to wear my rings again but also will have the full capacity of all ten fingers… for all the creative projects that I plan…

Day 12 – 11/05/2020

This morning I noticed a clear improvement on the problems with my right foot, great! I also have taken the habit of walking in the grass barefooted after waking up (“Kneipp method”) to stimulate the circulation in my lower joints.

Day 13 – 12/05/2020

I feel so good in my body! I feel I can move more easily; I have less pain. The only disadvantage (but I do not know if that is due to the CBD treatment or to my general condition…) is that I am hungry all the time… I saw that I took quite a few corona kilos… really must work on that!

Day 14 – 13/05/2020

After my shower I saw that a number of broken capillaries (due to heavy chemo treatment…) that showed red and blue through the skin on my legs, are becoming lighter and seem to fade away… could this also be the result of taking the CBD drops?

Day 15 – 14/05/2020

The lump on the joint of my right finger (that my grandson loves to play with because he finds that so weird…) is definitely less red and painful! I really do hope it will disappear!

Day 16 – 15/05/2020

Today I did something that I have not done for years: I can bend my knees again, I am so excited! I also noticed that my hands show a slight burning sensation in the evening and at night, as if the oil is working on the inside of my hands…

Day 17 – 16/05/2020

The CBD oil is working on my whole constitution… I suddenly realized that since I take the drops twice a day, I am sleeping like a log. I must get up once a night to go to the bathroom and before taking the CBD oil, I could not go back to sleep. Now, as soon as I see my pillow, I drift off to the next dream and I wake up totally refreshed and well-rested.

Day 18 – 17/05/2020

The lump on my right index is becoming less red and painful and my right foot is not giving me too much trouble anymore. However, the middle finger on my left hand is very stiff and painful. I am trying the CBD oil on it twice a day.

Day 19 – 18/05/2020

We are still in the middle of the lockdown… everything is very quiet outside; I can’t go out… It is hot outside and I do a lot of gardening. I try not to exaggerate with the number of hours outside: too much oxidation is not good for the skin… Had one spot where my sun cream rubbed off, I put the CBD body butter on it and the pain and redness disappeared!

Day 20 – 19/05/2020

Still in lockdown and no work… all my clients have stopped sending me translation jobs… So I sorted out a lot of remaining fabrics and started a patchwork for my granddaughter who will be born at the beginning of the summer… Lots of fine needling work with little stitches but thanks to the CBD oil, I can still do it…

Day 21 – 20/05/2020

I was wondering what the right dose is you should take every day? I am now taking 2 drops of oil in the morning and 3 in the evening or vice versa. Mostly at the same time. But since I am overweight, I wonder if I should not take more? Does CBD work by weight?

Day 22 – 21/05/2020

A friend asked me about the CBD oil because she would be interested in buying the product. She has chronic neck and shoulder pain. I strongly advised her to do so. She was worried about the cost, but I told her that by taking 4 or 5 drops a day her bottle of CBD will last very long!

Day 23 – 22/05/2020

I had to go to the dentist urgently after breaking one of my teeth… Found a very nice young dentist nearby. Was in a lot of pain after the treatment so I took my drops a little earlier than usual and some arnica.

Day 24 – 23/05/2020

Slept like a log… Pain in my jaw still there but much less… Will go very slow on eating today. Forgot to take my drops in the morning… Shame on me.

Day 25 – 24/05/2020

Still very high temperatures and the garden is so dry… Hope it will rain soon. Rubbed my hand several times with the CBD body butter and oil. It seems that even very dry weather influences my hands although the pain is much less.

Day 26 – 25/05/2020

Went to the clinic for my next check-up, we are getting out of the lockdown! Got my CT scan after a lot of confusion and running around… the medical world is still in a great fuss… Told my oncologist that I am taking CBD… he did not look happy but did not say anything. CT scan is ok, a dear friend picked me up and took me home. So happy that everything was ok…

Day 27 – 26/05/2020

Looks like the improvement in my hands is somewhat stagnating… I try to use the oil and body butter more often and avoid cold and hot water.

Day 28 – 27/05/2020

Busy day. I realized I should be drinking more water to drain the toxins in my body… now it is so hot and dry. Carried a lot of (rain) water from my water well to my drying and dying plants, it has become a tiring daily routine, but my right foot is still in very good order…

Day 29 – 28/05/2020

Had an appointment with my orthomolecular doctor. I told him I’m taking CBD oil and he asked a lot of questions about the product, explaining to me that there are many differences in CBD products on the market (didn’t want to tell him that I already knew that…). I asked him about my hands and fingers and he told me that since I’m genetically programmed (Lynch Syndrome, diabetes in the family, etc…), he was not sure it could ever improve but he said I could continue to take the CBD.

Day 30 – 29/05/2020

I am going to see my friend who is a painter and will spend the weekend with her. First thing I packed was my CBD oil. Do not want to stop the frequency… Since I have more pain now, I wear woolen gloves at night to protect my hands and fingers from cooling down.

So that is it for now. I have tried to share my CBD experience with you. I am overjoyed with the results so far but since my hands and fingers are so badly damaged by the arthritis, I suppose I will need a lot of time to improve the situation…

Pictured Below: Left hand, Right hand After the Treatment