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Since its inception in 1982,  Salima Corp. has developed its strategies and work procedures to match with its contemporary values and ethics of business. More than thirty years of collective experiences and achievements in the medical field has enabled Salima Corp. to become one of the key players in its field.

Special areas of focus within the medical market : Surgical Instruments (General Surgery, Ophthalmology and Dentistry), Dental Requirements, Laboratory Diagnostics & Research, Diabetic Foot, Collagen & Haemostatic, Nano Research, Medical Disposables, Linen & Fabric, Hygiene and Hospital Requirements.

Salima Corp. is one of the leading healthcare providers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which represents well-known overseas companies focusing on the health and welfare of society.​

Box 8490
Riyadh 11482
Saudi Arabia
+966 1 493 0759
+966 1 493 2819