Aspetar Plans to Enhance Emotional Intelligence in Healthcare Practitioners:

Aspetar, Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine hospital, is organising a workshop called Emotional Intelligence for Healthcare Practitioners on 4th and 11th September. The two-day workshop will be delivered by Aspetar experts from different backgrounds and fields.

The workshop is designed to support healthcare professionals in developing a healthy and compassionate work environment, thereby further improving patient experience. Emotional Intelligence for Healthcare Practitioners is an interactive workshop where attendees are invited to learn by taking part in Q&A sessions, problem-solving activities, and analysis of scenarios requiring real-life decision-making.

Made up of four core skills – self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management – emotional intelligence (EQ) is the foundation for a host of critical skills and the strongest predictor of high performance.

The aim of the workshop is to enhance and improve healthcare professionals’ self-awareness and self-regulation in high stress environments. Participants will learn to identify, and manage  the source of their behaviour, and learn how to handle the triggers of their emotions for the benefit of clinical care, health care outcomes, patient satisfaction, and team morale.

Mr Khalid Ali Al-Mawlawi, Chief Administrative Officer in Aspetar and Chair of Scientific Committee, said:

“Healthcare professionals aim to increase patient happiness, a critical part of that is dealing with patients with empathy, and handling issues with a good balance of fairness, compassion, and emotional awareness. Research shows that EQ education is needed in the medical sector as it helps enhance interpersonal and social communication skills and achieves a range of benefits including increased job satisfaction, improved performance, and better patient-doctor relationships. This is what we are looking to achieve at Aspetar”.

Reference: Press Release.